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An Honest Review: Taco Bell’s Crush Orange Vanilla Float Freeze
An Honest Review: Taco Bell's Crush Orange Vanilla Float Freeze

An Honest Review: Taco Bell's Crush Orange Vanilla Float Freeze

The Taco Bell Crush Orange Vanilla Float Freeze beverage

I don't often find myself in a Taco Bell much before midnight. Due to this, paired with the fact that I was sporting a Croc-wool sock combo, I decided to just go through the drive-thru to taste test this bad boy. I'm a shameless Taco Bell fiend-don't get me wrong. I've been downing Crunch Wrap Supremes since they first debuted, so I figured I'd give the Crush Orange Vanilla Float Freeze a whirl. Because who doesn't want to guzzle 190 calories of ice for the sake of the Internet?

Taco Bell introduced its latest, limited-time frozen treat in May. The Crush Orange Vanilla Float Freeze is available in regular and large, costing $1.99 and $2.49, respectively (prices may vary based on location).

When I first received the drink (at an inflated price-damn you, Silicon Valley!), I was initially confused to see there was, in fact, no ice cream in it. So, I'm thinking, where do the "vanilla" and the "float" part of the name come in? What's "floating" in what exactly?

But, alas, I was pleasantly surprised, as I usually am with cheap Mexican food. The COVFF (just go with it) had the consistency of a slushie but the taste of a float, which I was both impressed and befuddled by.

The beverage was the perfect level of iciness. I didn't feel like I was chewing on it, and none of it got stuck in my straw. Everybody knows chunky slushies are the worst, so T-Bell really pulled through on that front.

I liked the flavor too, but I'm pretty partial to orange soda. On the other hand, my friend likened it to baby aspirin, so maybe that's a call you're just going to have to make on your own.

Overall, I think Taco Bell was going for a creamsicle vibe based on the 50/50 bar reference in its advertisement. Although the drink was tasty, it didn't quite hit the mark. While it was somewhat float-like, in the end, the vanilla flavor was lacking. To try and pass it off as anything other than an orange soda slushie would be a bit of a stretch. However, depending on what you're in the mood for, the COVFF could still be the perfect midsummer's day refresher for you.

Personally, I'd order it again on the off chance I wasn't in the mood for my chicken Crunch Wrap Supreme. But, then again, I've never tried baby aspirin.

Would I recommend? Yeah? Nah? Yeah.

Review Rating: 3.5 / 5
"An Honest Review: Taco Bell's Crush Orange Vanilla Float Freeze" by , written on June 14, 2016

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