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#TBT: 12 Fast Food Items of the Past
#TBT: 12 Fast Food Items of the Past

#TBT: 12 Fast Food Items of the Past

The past is in the past and maybe for good reason. Check out these questionable, intriguing, or just downright disgusting failed fast food items.

1. Taco Bell's Seafood Salad

Introduced: 1986
The Taco Bell Seafood Salad, which contained shrimp, whitefish, and snow crab, was created in the 80s to compete with McDonald's Filet-O-Fish. The menu item was pulled shortly after multiple cases of food poisoning. The chain's slogan at the time was "A Cure For The Common Meal," but apparently, the only cure customers needed was for vomiting and the runs.

2. McDonald's McAfrika

McDonalds McAfrika Burger

Introduced: 2002
The McAfrika was essentially a burger with pita bread rather than a bun. As messy as it was to eat, the PR disaster it caused was even messier. The product debuted during the height of a famine in southern Africa and was deemed insensitive by people all around the world. The item was quickly pulled from the menu as a result of the backlash. If you need a burger named after a piece of land, check out the McKinley Mac, named after Denali in Alaska, formerly known as Mount McKinley.

3. Burger King's Cini Minis

Burger King Cini Minis

Introduced: 1998
The Cini Minis were an ooey-gooey indulgence for those Burger King customers craving something a little sweeter. When researching this item, I found an entire Twitter account dedicated to bringing back the Cini Minis. The page only has 52 followers, but, hey, if Taco Bell patrons can get the Beefy Crunch Burrito back, anything's possible.

4. Pizza Hut's Taco Pizza

Introduced: 1979
According to the commercial, it was a "pizza-looking, taco-tasting pizza," which is honestly the most American meal I can think of. As a self-proclaimed Mexican food snob, I find everything about this product absolutely terrifying.

5. McDonald's Hula Burger

McDonald's Hula Burger from the 1960s

Introduced: 1962
For this product, McDonald's swapped its beef patties with pineapple to attract Catholic customers that abstained from eating meat on Fridays. The product tanked as customers opted for fish sandwiches over the Hula Burger. Let's face it-pineapple on pizza is gross, so it can't be much better on a burger. But, if you're looking for more vegetarian options, the Big Mac 'n' Cheese on the McDonald's Secret Menu could be your answer.

6. Wendy's Superbar

Introduced: 1988
Wendy's offered a salad bar at many of its locations up until 2006. However, during the 80s and early 90s, they offered a full-blown buffet bar. But, based on its success, I'd say there was nothing super about it. The Meat Cube is special in its own way, however.

7. Chick-fil-A's Lemon Pie

Chick-fil-A's Lemon Pie

Offered until: 2012
Chick-fil-A sold lemon meringue pie until its discontinuation in 2012. From what I can tell, Chick-fil-A knows its stuff when it comes to lemons. If the lemon pie was even half as good as their lemonade, I'm devastated I never got to try it. Though, the chain continues to offer a variety of desserts such as cookies and shakes, one of which is the Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake on the chain's Secret Menu.

8. Taco Bell's BLT Soft Taco

Introduced: 1995
Long before Taco Bell experimented with Doritos taco shells and tacos made of waffles, the Mexican food chain tested out the BLT Soft Taco. Exactly what it sounds like, the BLT Soft Taco was merely a BLT in a tortilla. Considering Taco Bell doesn't even offer pork as a meat option, I don't really know where they got off thinking they should sell bacon.

9. McDonald's Onion Nuggets

McDonald's Onion Nuggets from the 1970s

Introduced: 1970s
Rings must have been too unoriginal for the Golden Arches because in the 1970s, the chain began selling chunked, battered and fried onions. Truthfully, I'm a huge fan of anything on the McDonald's menu containing the word nugget, and this product only supports that. Nowadays, if you're looking for a more interesting side for your Big Mac, try the biscuits and gravy-a McDonald's Secret Menu item offered in the South.

10. Jack in the Box's Frings

Jack In The Box Frings gif

Introduced: 1979
If you're an indecisive sucker like me, the Frings sound, well, fringin' awesome. Order the Frings, and you'd get a bag filled with both fries and onion rings. Thankfully, Burger King currently offers a similar item on its Secret Menu.

11. McDonald's McHotDog

McDonald's McHotDog from the 1990s

Introduced: 1990
The fact that more pictures of a rapper by the name of MC HotDog show up when you google "McHotDog" than pictures of the actual McDonald's menu item is telling of its success. Though, some McDonald's locations in Japan continue to sell this product.

12. Taco Bell's Mountain Dew A.M.

Taco Bell's Mountain Dew A.M.

Introduced: 2012
The Mountain Dew A.M. was a mixture of Mountain Dew and Tropicana orange juice meant to be a morning pick-me-up. I can't help but think of Drake brushing his teeth with Mountain Fizz in an episode of Drake & Josh when I read the description of this drink. I say swap out the Mountain Dew for champagne, and we'll call it a day.

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