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9 Best Tweets from Your Favorite Food Chains
9 Best Tweets from Your Favorite Food Chains

9 Best Tweets from Your Favorite Food Chains

Food isn't the only thing your favorite chains are dishing out. In recent years, many fast food companies have created distinct brands for themselves on Twitter, delivering witty, sassy, or downright funny comebacks as quick as they do their food. Here are some of the best:

1. Taco Bell & Old Spice Exchange Words

Taco Bell and Old Spice exchange words on their products

Taco Bell fought fire with fire to defend its fire sauce. And let’s just say Old Spice got burned.

2. Dominos Responds to Miley Cyrus' Plea

Dominos Pizza replies to Miley's Tweet - offering the best of both worlds

Even though Miley Cyrus has desperately tried to rid herself of the Hannah Montana persona, we just won't let her forget it and apparently, neither will Domino's Pizza. As funny as this tweet was, it was equally genuine—the best of both worlds, also.

3. Wendy's Serves Edible Food

Wendy's Burns Burger King - Edible Food

When Burger King tried to one up Wendy's with its 5 for $4 deal, Wendy's took Burger King out with one swift blow. Maybe gingers really don't have souls.

4. Arby's Asks for its Hat Back

Arby's Confronts Pharrell to get its hat back

Hats off to Arby's for this hilarious tweet referencing Pharrell's outrageously large hat he wore to the 2014 Grammy's, which bore an uncanny resemblance to fast food chain's famous logo. (Check out the Arby's Secret Menu)

5. Taco Bell Teaches White Castle a Little Grammar

Taco Bell - School is in Session

Chrissy Teigen, the Social Media Sass Queen herself, looked on for once as Taco Bell called White Castle out for its embarrassing grammar goof.

6. Pizza Hut Reviews Kanye West's Application

Pizza Hut Rejects Kanye West Application Tweet

After Kanye West's peculiar and public confession about his $53 million of debt, Pizza Hut UK ruthlessly rejected West's fake job application, which was edited to look like his The Life of Pablo album cover.

7. Taco Bell & Illuminati Confirmed?

Taco Bell Makes an Illuminati Symbol out of Food

I'll have a quesadilla with a side of conspiracy theories. Taco Bell artfully mocked a fan that has apparently made it his or her life's mission to stop the Illuminati in this clever reply. (Check out the Taco Bell Secret Menu)

8. Whataburger Tweets KD After his Decision

Whataburger Tweets to Remind Kevin Durant that there are no Whataburger Chains in California

Whataburger just recently reacted to Kevin Durant signing a contract with the Golden State Warriors. But who knows, Whataburger, maybe KD's an In-N-Out guy?

9. Denny's With the Burn

Denny's Reminds the World of its Sass

Maybe Denny's is right. We mustn't try to stop these chain restaurants from doing what they do best, which apparently now includes serving up some serious sass.

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