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An Honest Review: Chipotle’s Patrón Margarita
An Honest Review: Chipotle's Patrón Margarita

An Honest Review: Chipotle's Patrón Margarita

I may be a food reviewer, but I do try to partake in philanthropy every chance I get. So here I stand before you to inform you that Chipotle sells Patrón margaritas. You're welcome.

Chipotle began selling these bad boys in April 2013, which means we've all been living in the dark for over three years now. Taking a page from the Paradiso Girls' handbook, the Mexican food chain added a hand-shaken agave nectar, lime-lemon juice, Patrón tequila margarita to its menu in addition to the pre-existing lowbrow margarita it already offered. The former goes for anywhere between $6.50 and $8.00, and the latter is around $4.50.

After learning this, I was cruisin' for a boozin', naturally, and decided I'd check them out. Warning: the Chipotle employees will make you buy food along with your margarita, hence the chips and guacamole in the background of the photos. So this should definitely not be your pregame pit stop. I guess they don't want a bunch of trashed customers overtaking their store…odd? This also means you should actually prepare to spend at least $12 for Cocktail & Co. Feel free to order off the secret menu as well.

The Subway Chicken Caesar Melt Front View

I can verify that these Patrón margaritas are hand-shaken. I saw the cashier rattling the shaker behind the counter with my own two eyes, that and the befuddled look he gave me when I ordered a margarita alone at 2:30 p.m.

I digress, but the margarita wasn't great, and considering I'm a college student, that's really saying something. Maybe this "lime-lemon juice" they're using is Minute Maid because let me tell you, it doesn't taste very fresh. And maybe they were just concerned about my well being with me ordering a margarita mid-afternoon so they purposely cut back on the Patrón, but it wasn't very strong.

On top of being a little artificial tasting, there was no salt or lime wedge. A margarita without lime is like Thanksgiving without turkey, in my opinion, so I was displeased. Also, they pulled a Starbucks and filled the cup with a bit too much ice, leaving me feeling somewhat shorted. I'd consider asking for light ice next time.

Is this the best margarita you'll have? No. And if it is, that's sad, and you should probably try my dad's. But will it satisfy your margarita cravings? Absolutely. And who doesn't want to occasionally top off a bomb burrito bowl or quesarito with a cup o' marg?

Just some food for thought. Or, uh, drink for thought.

Would I recommend? Yeah? Nah? Nah

Review Rating: 3 / 5
"An Honest Review: Chipotle's Patrón Margarita" by , written on August 7, 2016

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