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Burger King Frings

Frings | Burger King Secret Menu

Burger King Frings

Burger King Frings

The Burger King Secret Menu has a lot of interesting burgers and sandwiches, but who knew that they had the genius to come up with Frings! What are Frings, you ask? Well, the crispy BK Frings are a treat that is the best of both worlds when it comes to side orders. The Burger King Fring masterpiece is a half order of French Fries and a half order of their Onion Rings. Can't decide?... you're not alone, it's a tough decision deciding between these two options. Luckily, at Burger King (if you know the secret) you aren't forced to make such a decision. Why order both when you can slim down and get the best of both worlds at the same time with Burger King Frings? When you get your favorite burger, don't forget to grab yourself a side order of Frings. This is the cherry on top of the Burger King Secret Menu.

Burger King Secret Menu

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How to Order

Simply ask for an order of half french fries, half onion rings - or "Frings" - from the Burger King Secret Menu!

What’s The Secret?

Half French Fries, Half Onion Rings

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