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Carl's Jr. Menu Information

Carl's Jr. Information

Carl's Jr. is one of the top grossing and most popular fast food restaurants in the United States. It's hard to imagine that it was all started when Carl Karcher and his wife, Margaret, borrowed $311, along with $15 of their own savings. They used this money to buy a hot dog cart where they served up hot dogs, chili dogs, and tamales on the corner of Central and Florence in Los Angeles, California.

Although they may have started out as a tiny food cart, they were able to grow into a massive chain that commands a large portion of the fast food industry. This hot dog cart was the start of something big, and even though they no longer sell hot dogs, they continue to push the envelope of what a fast food restaurant can and should do.

Carl's Jr. was the first to have customers pay for their orders when they were placed. They were the first quick service restaurant to offer salad bars in all their locations. Another first was the introduction of debit card payment systems, allowing customers to pay with their ATM cards in the restaurant in the 1980s. In 2011, they became the first national fast food chain to offer turkey burgers. They also were the first national fast food chain to offer an all-natural beef patty in 2014 and an all-natural turkey burger in 2015.

So, check out what Carl's Jr. has to offer, their regular menu and secret menu won't disappoint. And check out their menu prices if you have the time.

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