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Jamba Juice Berry Depressing

Berry Depressing | Jamba Juice Secret Menu

Jamba Juice Berry Depressing

Jamba Juice Berry Depressing

The Jamba Juice "Berry Depressing" smoothie is known to be one of the most fruit filled mixtures on Jamba Juice's secret menu?. The vibrant berries are the stars of this drink, it tastes just like biting into one of nature's freshest fruits. It is loaded with all different kinds of crisp berries and is perfect for satisfying your fruit cravings for the day. If you're looking for a sweet blend of tasty natural berries and other complimentary ingredients then you've found it. Don't be afraid to ask for an item you don't see on the regular menu, head in to Jamba Juice and ask for a "Berry Depressing" smoothie off of their Secret Menu.

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How to Order

Ask if they know how to make the Berry Depressing Smoothie. If not, then you may be out of luck with this one :(

What’s The Secret?

A Smoothie loaded with their delicious blend of Berries!

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