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Jamba Juice Rainbow Sherbet
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Rainbow Sherbet | Jamba Juice Secret Menu

Jamba Juice Rainbow Sherbet

Jamba Juice Rainbow Sherbet

The Jamba Juice "Rainbow Sherbet" smoothie is a sweet blend of several different classic sherbet flavors. This mix tastes just like a spoonful of your favorite Rainbow Sherbet desert. As shown below, this recipe includes fresh raspberries, strawberries, banana, and 2 heaping scoops of Raspberry Sherbet. This tangy smoothie from the Secret Menu is in high demand, help the Rainbow Sherbet smoothie make it off of the Jamba Juice Secret Menu and onto the main menu! Go and get your Jamba Juice Rainbow Sherbet smoothie today!

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How to Order

Ask if they know how to make the Rainbow Sherbet Smoothie. If not, show them the Secret Recipe from this page and they will be happy to make it for you!

What’s The Secret?

8 oz. Soy Milk
2 Scoops Raspberries
2 Scoops Strawberries
1 Scoop Banana
2 Scoops Raspberry Sherbet

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