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Rubio's Original Fish Taco Prices
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Rubio's Original Fish Taco Menu Prices

The Original Fish Taco at Rubio's is how the fast-casual restaurant chain became so popular. And we know it ain't cheap, so they must be good, right? You batter [sic pun dude] believe it. Okay, sorry I'm tired and a little delusional so that joke is gonna stay for now. But the original fish taco is centered around a filet of Wild Alaskan Pollock, which has been beer-battered by hand and then fried.

The only difference between these original fish taco options is the toppings on the taco, well that and the prices. You can order an original fish taco for just a little over $3, or spend upwards of $11 for the Cabo Plate that comes with one original fish taco, a classic grilled shrimp burrito, pinto beans and chips.

If you want to see a better description of any item, check out the official Rubio's menu.

Rubio's Menu Price Categories

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Rubio's Original Fish Taco Menu Prices
Last Updated:
ItemÀ La Carte2 Taco Plate
ItemÀ La Carte2 Taco Plate
The Original Fish Taco$3.29$7.49
Fish Taco Especial$3.79$7.99
The Coastal Trio-$9.49
Cabo Plate-$10.99
Mix & Match Taco Plate-$7.49 - $8.99
*Not all items shown are available at every restaurant. Price and participation will vary.
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