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Cheesecake Factory Specialties Prices
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Cheesecake Factory Specialties Menu Prices

The Specialties Menu Prices at Cheesecake Factory include some pretty tasty and very creative enterées that you may find warrant your complete attention. You might decide on chicken, but then you have to choose between Chicken Bellagio, Chicken Madeira, Chicken Di Pana, Chicken Piccata, Chicken Romano, Chicken Costoletta, Chicken Marsala, Cashew Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken or maybe make it easy with Roasted Chicken. All of these chicken choices are contained and priced on the Cheesecake Factory Specialties menu. And if you decide to order from this specialties menu for your main course, then you probably should also check out their specialty desserts menu to price a special dessert selection that would accompany your specialty menu main dish selection.

Cheesecake Factory Menu Price Categories

You will be pleased to find up-to-date menu prices for Cheesecake Factory below. Please contact us or leave a comment below if you think that we need to update our menu prices; however, please note that prices may vary from state to state as well as from franchise to franchise. You can find the full list of menu prices on the Cheesecake Factory Menu Price page. Or you can go straight to the individual category by clicking one of these links below:
Cheesecake Factory Specialties Menu Prices
Last Updated:
Chicken Bellagio$15.50
Chicken Katsu$14.95
White Chicken Chili$13.50
Chicken Enchiladas$13.95
Stuffed Chicken Tortillas$14.95
Cajun Chicken "Littles"$14.95
Shepherd's Pie$14.95
Baja Chicken Tacos$13.95
Fish Tacos$13.95
Chicken Di Pana$14.95
Factory Burrito Grande$13.95
Famous Factory Meatloaf$15.95
Fish & Chips$16.95
Chicken Madeira$17.95
Chicken & Biscuits$16.95
Crusted Chicken Romano$16.95
Orange Chicken$16.95
Crispy Chicken Costoletta$17.50
Chicken Piccata$16.95
Spicy Cashew Chicken$16.95
Teriyaki Chicken$16.95
Lemon-Herb Roasted Chicken$17.95
Chicken Marsala And Mushrooms$17.95
Bang-Bang Chicken And Shrimp$17.95
*Not all items shown are available at every restaurant. Price and participation will vary.