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McDonalds Add an Egg to your Burger

Add an Egg to your Burger | McDonalds Secret Menu

McDonalds Add an Egg to your Burger

McDonalds Add an Egg to your Burger

Topping your burger with a fried egg is all the rage nowadays. And what burger can't be improved by adding an egg? I'm sure there are some, but there are so few that it's pretty hard to think of one right now. Thankfully, McDonalds has finally resolved to give us access to an All Day Breakfast Menu complete with our McDonalds All Day Breakfast Menu Hacks.

What kind of eggs do they sell? They actually have Four (4) kinds of eggs: round eggs, folded eggs, scrambled eggs, and scrambled egg whites. Check out this infographic to see how each type of egg is made.

How much does it cost to add an egg to a sandwich? Well, prices may vary by location, but they should be around these prices. The round egg will set you back $1.19, while the other three types of eggs cost an additional $1.59.

You can add an egg to any burger or sandwich, but don't try to cheat the system by "adding an egg to a Sausage McMuffin". Feel free to go double egg, but don't try to get around paying an extra quarter or two. We have a good thing going with their All Day Breakfast, so don't screw it up. We don't want any ludicrous $3.50 price hikes like Chipotle did with their Quesarito when it became popular. So, be kind and don't abuse the system.

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How to Order

This one is as straight forward as asking for an egg to be added to your burger. All you need to know is which one of four egg choices you want!

What’s The Secret?

Add a round egg, folded egg, scrambled egg, or scrambled egg whites to any sandwich or burger that doesn't already have it!

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