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Shake Shack Extra ShackSauce

Extra ShackSauce | Shake Shack Secret Menu

Shake Shack Extra ShackSauce

Shake Shack Extra ShackSauce

Like all great chains, you have to have a signature sauce that hooks your fanbase. McDonalds has the Big Mac Sauce, In-N-Out has their Secret Spread, and Shake Shack has the ShackSauce. So, when you come to Shake Shack, of course you want to stuff your face with as much of their sauce as possible. That's why you can ask for some extra shake shack sauce when you order your meal. You won't regret it. It goes well as a dipping sauce for their Grilled Cheese Sandwich and even works as a compliment for their Sport Pepper Cheese Fries. They don't always charge you for extra sauce, but it's so good that it's worth some spare change.

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How to Order

Ask for an extra side of their ShackSauce.

What’s The Secret?

An extra serving of their ShackSauce.

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