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Chipotle Burritodilla

Burritodilla | Chipotle Secret Menu

Chipotle Burritodilla

Chipotle Burritodilla

Meet the Burritodilla from the Chipotle secret menu, a crunchy, gooey, and incredibly delicious combination of a burrito and quesadilla. The Burritodilla is a smaller, more diet friendly alteration of the Chipotle Quesarito that allows the consumer to eat without the mess of a behemoth burrito. The secret to the Burritodilla is that it's essentially a Chipotle Quesadilla (also on the secret menu), except only half the fillings of a regular burrito are sandwiched between heaping handfuls of cheese. This glorious mash-up of Chipotle cuisine is then grilled to a perfect crunch. It's an amazing hybrid between a stuffed, flavorful burrito and a straightforward quesadilla.

How to Order The Chipotle Burritodilla: If the server is not aware of the secret recipe, have them place a handful of cheese on one side of the burrito and order about half the amount of fillings of a regular burrito on-top of that cheese. Next, they will place another handful of cheese on-top of the fillings, fold it in half and place it in the giant warmer for a few minutes. Next step, enjoy!

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How to Order

Ask for a burrito to be grilled up like a quesadilla. Make sure to ask for half the amount of fillings so it doesn't overflow!

What’s The Secret?

A Chipotle Burrito with a crispy Quesadilla-like shell filled with gooey cheese. Check out the Chipotle Quesarito as well as the Chipotle Quesadilla.

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