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An Honest Review: Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos
An Honest Review: Burger King's Mac n' Cheetos

An Honest Review: Burger King's Mac n' Cheetos

Burger King's Mac n' Cheetos new item June 2016

I thought I loved Cheetos in all forms-Original, Flamin' Hot, Flamin' Hot Lime, Puffs. I thought I loved Cheetos in all forms, until today.

Burger King just released its latest caloric catastrophe, Mac n' Cheetos. The fast food chain's newest item is a pack of 5 "Cheetos" filled with macaroni and cheese. Available for only $2.49, the Mac n' Cheetos are truly, um, inventive. (Note: That's the nicest thing I say about them in this entire post.)

I'll start with the name, which I find to be a little misleading. This product is essentially breaded macaroni and cheese. While I respect that, as I'm oft a fan of carbs on carbs, I do think calling these noodle-y niblets "Cheetos" is somewhat inaccurate. They lacked that quintessential Cheetos crunch and famous flavor.

On to the taste. There's a note on the packaging that says, "Warning: Contents may be hot." The word "may" proves very fitting because it implies that the contents may also be cold, and that they were. Since my Mac n' Cheetos were room temperature, the cheese on the noodles had that gunky consistency similar to that on mac and cheese that's been sitting in the pan for hours. Yum!

In addition to this, the Mac n' Cheetos were overwhelmingly artificial tasting. I can't say I'm surprised because Cheetos and macaroni and cheese are probably the two most artificial cheese products I can think of, but it was so much more than that. It's like the Cheetos and mac and cheese combined created this whole new realm of fake cheesiness that I was entirely unprepared for. I guess that's why the box says dangerously cheesy. I just Googled who invented cheese and couldn't find a definitive answer, but whoever they were, I assume they'd be appalled by this Burger King creation. Needless to say, I bought a Coke for chaser and actually felt the need to use it.

I did appreciate the packaging though-a portable, cardboard tote, more or less. It made the transport from the table to the trashcan that much easier.

Much to my surprise, the Mac n' Cheetos have received their fair share of praise. The Washington Post called them "sadly genius;" a reporter from ABC questioned, "Is it weird that I love them?"

In my opinion, yes, Olivia Smith, it is weird that you love them. But, obviously, there's no clear consensus about the Mac n' Cheetos. So if you're curious, I recommend you get 'em while they're hot room temperature because I don't foresee them staying on the menu very long. I would check out the Burger King Secret Menu if I were you, however.

Would I recommend? Yeah? Nah? Nah

Review Rating: 1 / 5
"An Honest Review: Burger King's Mac n' Cheetos" by , written on June 28, 2016