McDonald's Secret Menu Hacks

What is on the McDonald's Secret Menu?

This is a list of the best and most popular McDonald's secret menu items. There's a reason why some of these McDonald's secret menu items are even more popular than regular McDonald's orders -- discovering these secret menus make you feel like you've found a hidden treasure chest that you can't wait to open. But the surprise inside the McDonald's Secret Menu which has tons of delicious burgers, sandwiches, and desserts. So, what's on the McDonald's secret menu, you ask? All of the items on the McDonald's secret menu list are highly coveted because they bring fresh options to the plain menu. And they are exclusive items that only those "in the know" can order. Now, you have the opportunity to check out some of the interesting and unique items that McDonald's has to offer. Look below to discover the complete McDonald's Secret Menu.

The creators of the McDonald's secret menu are those that dared to dream. Those who thought, "hey, I can make this better". And that's exactly what they did. Now, these items spread by word of mouth and the internet, growing into the list that you see below. We brought all the information together to one place so that you don't have to scour the internet to find out what you want to know. We provide some information on the availability, pricing, popularity, and the scret menu hack for each item.

Most \importantly, wehave provided the instructions on how to order each secret menu item at McDonalds. So, just in case you are a little timid about ordering from the secret menu yourself, we have given the steps on how to order your favorite menu hack from McDonalds.

The Complete List Of McDonald's Secret Menu Hacks

2 Cheeseburger Meal | McDonalds
Add a Second Cheeseburger to your Cheeseburger Meal
Availability: Most Locations

Add an Egg to your Burger | McDonalds

Add a round egg, folded egg, scrambled egg, or scrambled egg whites to any sandwich or burger that doesn't already have it!


Most Locations

All American | McDonalds
A Simple Burger w/ just ketchup and pickles
Availability: Most Locations

Apple Pie McFlurry | McDonalds
A McDonald's Pie Blended into a McFlurry
Availability: Most Locations

Big Mac 'n' Cheese | McDonalds
A vegetarian option suited for a king. No not that King, so maybe a queen. Queen Meg'n'Cheese. It's everything Big Mac minus the meat.
Availability: Most Locations

Big McChicken | McDonalds
A Big Mac with McChicken Patties in place of the Buns
Availability: Most Locations

Biscuits and Gravy | McDonalds
Delicious McDonald's Biscuits covered in Gravy
Availability: Limited Locations

Caramel Apple Sundae | McDonalds
A modest attempt at honoring the caramel apple you find at a county fair, try out this Caramel Apple Sundae.
Availability: Most Locations

Chicken Cordon Bleu McMuffin | McDonalds
Fried Chicken, Canadian Bacon, and cheese…sounds like Chicken Cordon Bleu. But this one's better because it's got a round egg and served between a crisp English muffin.
Availability: Most Locations

Chicken McGriddle | McDonalds
A McChicken Patty sandwiched inside two McGriddles
Availability: Most Locations

Cinnamon Melt a la Mode | McDonalds
Add McDonald's delicious low-fat soft serve vanilla ice cream to their gooey Cinnamon Melts.
Availability: Most Locations

Fries with Big Mac Sauce | McDonalds
Big Mac Sauce to dip your Fries in!
Availability: Most Locations

Grilled Cheese | McDonalds
Grilled Buns with Cheese inbetween
Availability: Most Locations

Hash Browns McMuffin | McDonalds
Add a crispy hash browns patty to your favorite breakfast sandwich.
Availability: Most Locations

Land, Sea, and Air Burger | McDonalds
Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, & McChicken All in One
Availability: Most Locations

Mc10:35 | McDonalds
An Egg McMuffin with extra McDouble Burger Patties
Availability: Most Locations

McBrunch Burger | McDonalds
The burger that combines the best of breakfast and lunch, but can even be had at dinner. Egg, jalapenos, hash browns and cheese piled high on your burger.
Availability: Most Locations

McCrepe | McDonalds
A Hotcake filled with the Yogurt Parfait
Availability: Most Locations

McDonald's Dipping Sauces | McDonalds
Chipotle BBQ, Creamy Ranch, Honey Mustard, Hot Mustard, Spicy Buffalo, Sweet Chili, Sweet & Sour, Tangy BBQ
Availability: Most Locations

McGangbang | McDonalds
A McChicken Sandwich inside of a McDouble
Availability: Most Locations

McKinley Mac | McDonalds
A Big Mac with Quarter Pound Patties
Availability: Limited Locations

McLeprechaun Shake | McDonalds
A Blend of both the Shamrock & Chocolate Shakes
Availability: Only available in March

Monster Mac | McDonalds
Big Mac with Eight Beef Patties (and an optional 8 slices of cheese!)
Availability: Most Locations

Neapolitan Shake | McDonalds
A Blend of Strawberry, Vanilla, & Chocolate Shakes
Availability: Limited Locations

Orange Creamsicle | McDonalds
Turn your ice cream into an Orange Creamsicle with a splash of Orange Hi-C.
Availability: Most Locations

Poor Man's Big Mac | McDonalds
A McDouble with extra Lettuce and Big Mac Sauce without the standard Ketchup and Mustard.
Availability: Most Locations

Portuguese Sausage McMuffin w/ Egg | McDonalds
Swap out the tired sausage patty with a thick-cut spice-filled slice of Portuguese sausage!
Availability: Hawaii Only

Root Beer Float | McDonalds
Vanilla Ice Cream in Root Beer (or Coke)
Availability: Limited Locations

Saimin | McDonalds
Not on the standard menu, but Hawaiian McDonald's have been serving up this Hawaiian favorite for years and they still do!
Availability: Hawaii Only

Spam & Egg McMuffin | McDonalds
Swap the ordinary sausage patty or canadian bacon for the Hawaii-only, delicious Spam!
Availability: Hawaii Only

Strawberry Eggnog Shake | McDonalds
A blend of both the Eggnog & Strawberry Shakes, topped with whipped cream and a cherry.
Availability: Only available in December

Is there a McDonald's Secret Menu? The answer to this question is not an easy one, it's both a yes and a no. Officially, McDonald's hasn't confirmed any of these secret menu items, but you will find that many of these items are available at your local McDonalds. The basic thought is that, while officially the secret menu is not acknowledged, you will find that employees can make you items on the McDonald's Secret Menu that #HackTheMenu has spilled the beans on.

First and foremost, be kind to the Server: As mentioned before, it is not an employee's job to know each of these secret menu orders. Although, due to popularity and their own taste buds, they most likely have heard of and even tried these themselves. In the off chance that you do run into a McDonald's server that is unaware of your order, just stay calm and follow the steps we have provided in our "How to Order" feature. In our experience, the servers are happy to get a secret menu order as it provides a little bit of fun in their standard menu day, all you need to do is tell them the secret! So go out there and order with confidence, it's time for you to start enjoying what all of us have been enjoying for years, the McDonald's Secret Menu! The secret menu items include the McCrepe, Monster Mac, Root Beer Float, McLeprechaun Shake, Chicken McGriddle, and the McGangBang! Check out the pictures and descriptions, but please, try not to drool.