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Carl's Jr. Secret Menu
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Carl's Jr. Secret Menu

The Carl's Jr. Secret Menu contains secret menu items that you probably haven't encountered yet. They are known for big, flavorful burgers that get all over the place. But did you know that they have quite a few lighter options? Some of these healthier options are on the secret menu below. And you can check out healthy secret menu items from all the restaurants

Here at #HackTheMenu, we like to give you all the important information so that you can be prepared before making your way to the cashier. That's why we give you detailed instructions on how to order Carl's Jr. secret menu items. We also try to include the prices or if there is an additional fee when ordering.

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Complete List of Secret Menu Items

Is there a Carl's Jr. Secret Menu? Sort of... Let's go with "it's complicated." Carl's Jr. doesn't really advertise their "Other Side" Menu, but it is definitely legit. In addition, #HackTheMenu and loyal fans have come up with our own creations that make for some pretty sweet grub. You can't do anything you want, but there is a decent amount of customization possible.

The most important thing to remember when ordering off the secret menu is to be kind to the server. Remember that they are people too and may not be allowed to fulfill every request that you make. So be kind, and you will most likely get what you want! As long as it's within reason, of course.

What Customers Say About the Carl's Jr. Secret Menu

"I'd heard about the Carl's Jr. lettuce wrapped burgers, but I didn't know there was an entire secret menu!"
Jordan Brixton, Oregon
"I'm glad there's finally a Carl's Jr. secret menu, they are my favorite fast food chain."
Brent Merks, California

Carl's Jr. Profile

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Carl's Jr.

Fast Food Restaurant

"Eat Like You Mean It"

Carl's Jr. Info

History & Founder(s)

It all started in 1941 when Carl and Margaret Karcher borrowed $311 on their Plymouth car and added $15 in savings to purchase a hot dog cart in Los Angeles. In 1945, they were able to open up their first full-service restaurant in the neighboring Anaheim, California. It was called Carl's Drive-In Barbeque and they shortly added hamburgers to the menu. In 1956, Karcher was able to open up two restaurants that were smaller versions of the original. He named these new style of smaller restaurants Carl's Jr.


Carl's Jr. has a unique backstory to its location situation. Since CKE Restaurants was formed by Carl Karcher, it owns Carl's Jr. and the Green Burrito. And in 1997, they acquired Hardee's which is a large restaurant chain in the South, East and Midwest of the United States. Today, there are over 1,300 Carl's Jr. restaurants in the Western region of the US, with an additional 2,500+ Hardee's restaurants on the other part of the states.


Carl's Jr. started out with hot dogs, chili dogs and tamales. Today they have grown to produce some of the most interesting and unique burgers and sandwiches in the fast food sector. This includes the Famous Star, Super Star, Western Bacon Cheeseburger, Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger, Teriyaki Burger, The Big Carl, the Six Dollar Thickburger, Guacamole Bacon Thickburger, Super Bacon Thickburger and many more. All sandwiches can come with the Turkey Burger subbed in its place. They also have a cod fish sandwich, Santa Fe chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, criss cut fries, onion rings, fried zucchini, hand scooped milkshakes, salads, jalapeno poppers and much much more.

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