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Starbucks Secret Menu
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Starbucks Secret Menu

Welcome to HackTheMenu's ultimate collection of Starbucks Secret Menu Items. Yes, you read that right. You can order special drinks from your local Starbucks that are not on their regular menu - a Secret Menu. From Cotton Candy Frappuccinos, Liquid Cocaine and all the way to Butterbeer Lattes, we have you covered with all of the knowledge, recipes and know-how for you to start ordering off of the Starbucks Secret Menu! Our goal is to put the power of the menu in your hands, so you can start ordering what you want instead of staying within the four corners of the official Starbucks Menu. So go ahead, check out our Starbucks Secret Menu items below to find the crazy delicious concoctions that have been hiding right under your nose for all these years. You can view the Starbucks Secret Menu Frappuccinos separately from the Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks if this master list is too overwhelming for you.

While Starbucks sells millions of cups of coffee a day, many of the orders are repeat customers that have purchased the same drink each time because they don't know about the drinks on the Secret Menu. Now that the secrets are in your hands, it's up to you whether you choose to #HackTheMenu or continue to order within confines of the menu!

These secret menu items at Starbucks are unofficial, but some are so commonly ordered by those "in the know" that some baristas will serve them up without question. But don't let the fear of baristas not knowing keep you from enjoying something on the secret menu. We give you knowledge in the form of the secret recipes and teach you how to order of the secret menu hacks. And this knowledge is power. The baristas will be glad to help if you have the secret recipe pulled up on your smart phone. Heck, some people even print out the recipe. Whatever you do to show the recipe, it will be greatly appreciated by the baristas.

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Complete List of Secret Menu Items

Is there a Starbucks Secret Menu? The answer to this isn't as simple as one would hope. What we do know is that Starbucks baristas will most likely make you any drink if you have the recipe (and they have the ingredients) and it's something within reason. However, Starbucks has not officially claimed to have a secret menu. The Starbucks Secret Menu is extremely popular, so it makes sense that some baristas know the recipe to some of the popular secret menu drinks, such as the Butterbeer Frappuccino. Regardless, never go to Starbucks unprepared, you should always show the Starbucks Secret Menu Recipe when you order.

Please be kind to your barista. It is not company policy for the barista to have all of these secret menu items memorized. However, most employees have heard of the secret menu, and will gladly make you your favorite hidden menu drink if you show the barista the secret recipe. That's why we have provided you with instructions on how to hack the menu. We give you the tools so that you know how to order each item. So don't miss out on any more secrets, get out there with some confidence and #HackTheMenu!

What Customers Say About the Starbucks Secret Menu

"I drink coffee every day and thought I’d tried nearly every item on the Starbucks menu. Finding HackTheMenu has opened up my mind to a whole new world of possibilities. I’m going to have to give these secret menu items from Starbucks a chance as soon as I can."
-Peter Tse, California
"I was out on a business trip and had some free time to explore the area. I found a Starbucks and thought I should try looking up to see if there was a Starbucks secret menu. Boy was I surprised to find such an expansive list. Try the Zebra Mocha Frappuccino, it was delicious!"
-Blake Matthews, Arizona

Starbucks Profile

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"Life Happens Over Coffee."

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History & Founder(s)

The first Starbucks opened at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, on March 30, 1971 by three partners that met while students at the University of San Francisco.


Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 20,891 stores in 62 countries, including 13,279 in the United States, 1,324 in Canada, 989 in Japan, 851 in the People’s Republic of China, 806 in the United Kingdom, and many more.


Starbucks locations serve hot and cold beverages, whole-bean coffee, microground instant coffee, full-leaf teas, pastries, and snacks. Most stores also sell packaged food items, hot and cold sandwiches, and items such as mugs and tumblers.

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