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Wendy's Secret Menu
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Wendy's Secret Menu

Wendy's is one of the most popular and successful burger fast food chains in the world, with locations in a lot of countries. But did you know that there's a Wendy's Secret Menu? That's right, Wendys secret menu options exist, and there is a reason why the internet is buzzing with all the hype of this secret menu!

In the beginning, the Wendys Secret Menu was only known by a few lucky diners who knew the secret names and recipes of the secret burgers. The earliest ones to discover the secret menu kept to themselves. However, HackTheMenu has come to change all of this. We thoroughly researched each item on the Wendy's Hidden Menu to bring you the information you need to #HackTheMenu.

At HackTheMenu, we go beyond the minimum requirements by providing you with information as to its availability at certain locations, pricing information, the hidden menu item's popularity, and even explained what the secret menu hack is for each item.

Most importantly, we created detailed instructions on how to order secret menu items for each secret menu item that we have listed here. Yes, just in case you are feeling a little bit shy or bewildered at ordering off the secret menu, we have laid out the exact steps that have been tried and tested with actual employees at Wendys to successfully order your secret item.

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Complete List of Secret Menu Items

Wendy's Secret Menu Items

Some people still ask: Is there a Wendys Secret Menu? It's both a yes and a no. The secret menu at Wendy's is a crowd-sourced list of great-tasting combinations that employees and customers have come up with over time. However, Wendy's hasn't officially recognized a secret menu. The takeaway is that, while officially the secret menu is not sponsored, you can successfully order off the Wendys Secret Menu that #HackTheMenu has shared with you.

Be Kind to the Server: It is not an employee's job to know each of these orders. Although, due to the rising popularity of the Wendy's secret menu, they most likely know of these hidden menu items. In case you run into a server who hasn't heard of these secret menu items, stay calm and follow the steps we have provided in our "How to Order" feature. In our experience, the servers enjoy hearing about the crazy combinations that people have come up with. All you need to do is tell them the secret! At #HackTheMenu we have your back, so go out there and order with confidence, it's time for you to start enjoying what all of us have been enjoying for years, the Wendy's Secret Menu!

What Customers Say About the Wendy's Secret Menu

"Wendy's is already unique with their square burgers. But to find out that they have a secret menu makes my mouth water even more. I don't know how much longer I can wait to try the Barnyard Burger."
Natalie Skupona, Nevada
I like Wendy's because of their expansive menu. I hope that their secret menu continues to expand because I love their new and refreshing options."
Jon Black, Florida

Wendy's Profile

Wendy's Logo


Fast Food Restaurant

"Now that's better."

Wendy's Info

History & Founder(s)

Wendy's is an international fast food restaurant chain that was founded by Dave Thomas in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio.


Wendy's moved their headquarters to Dublin, Ohio in 2006. Approximately 77% of Wendy's restaurants are franchised, with the majority of locations in North America. As of 1999, Wendys was the third largest hamburger fast food chain with roughly 6,650 locations worldwide.


Wendy's menu containts hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, french fries, salads, wraps, beverages, and their signature Frosty. Unlike other restaurants that use round frozen patties, Wendy's serves square patty burgers made with fresh ground beef.

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