Shake Shack Secret Menu Hacks

What is on the Shake Shack Secret Menu?

Making a splash on the casual fast food scene is the upbeat joint called the Shake Shack. Even more exciting is the size of the Shake Shack Secret Menu items list that continues to grow and is bound to set your cravings off! Unfortunately, these secret menu items are only available for you lucky ones in the East (Don't worry, everyone on the West coast gets to revel in the glory of the In-N-Out Secret Menu). Either way, I think we can all be a little thankful that we get to taste these popular secret menu items because they are just that good. For the uninitiated, please remember to be courteous to those taking your order and please try to follow the guidelines on "how to order" each hidden menu item. These instructions help to ensure that your order goes as smoothly as possible. There are good reasons why some of these Shake Shack secret menu items are even more popular than their regular menu counterparts -- one reason is their exclusivity helps build an underground following that treasures such secrets.

What's on the Shake Shack secret menu? Look below to find pictures and links to all of the most popular secret menu items that Shake Shack has to offer. Foodies can join in on the adventure and find or even create something delicious on Shake Shack's Secret Menu. Feel free to comment below or contact us to share your favorite secret menu creation.

One \last thing about Shake Shack…they sell beer and wine! This creates even more opportunities for secret menu items like the Shandy This unique fast casual dining experience isn't something to reckon with. Perhaps this new and impressive fast casual restaurant experience will become a more popular thing. They are planning on expanding West and already have a location in Las Vegas, and I'm sure everyone can't wait for their arrival.

The Complete List Of Shake Shack Secret Menu Hacks

Beer Float | Shake Shack
A scoop of Frozen Custard in the beer of your choosing.
Availability: Las Vegas and other locations that sell alcohol

Extra ShackSauce | Shake Shack
An extra serving of their ShackSauce.
Availability: Most Locations

Grilled Cheese | Shake Shack
Melty cheese between their grilled potato buns.
Availability: Most Locations

Ice Cream Sandwich | Shake Shack
Frozen Custard assembled between their grilled burger buns.
Availability: Most Locations

Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurger | Shake Shack
A Bacon ShackBurger smothered in their deliciious peanut sauce.
Availability: Most Locations

"Protein Style" Burger | Shake Shack

Their burgers served without the bun.


Most Locations

Quad Burger | Shake Shack
Four burger patties on any of their custom burgers.
Availability: Most Locations

Shack-cago Burger | Shake Shack
The ShackBurger topped with all of the items that come on the Shack-cago Dog
Availability: Limited Locations

Shandy | Shake Shack
Beer and Lemonade. Simple and surprisingly tasty.
Availability: Most Locations

Sport Pepper Cheese Fries | Shake Shack
Chopped Sport Peppers added to their Cheese Fries.
Availability: Most Locations

Is there a Shake Shack Secret Menu? Yes and no. There are popular customizations that Shake Shack patrons and employees have created and popularized. Some of the secret menu items, like the "Peanut Butter and Bacon ShackBurger", were once official menu items. What we do know is that the Shake Shack Secret Menu is growing in popularity. Regardless, never go to Shake Shack unprepared, you should always have the secret menu recipe on hand when you order.

Please be kind to yourv server. It is not company policy for them to have all of these secret menu items memorized. However, most employees have heard of the secret menu, and will gladly make you your favorite combination within reason. We give you the tools so that you know how to order and hack the menu. Don't delay, get out there with some confidence and #HackTheMenu!