Dairy Queen Secret Menu Hacks

What is on the Dairy Queen Secret Menu?

This is the complete list of items on the Dairy Queen secret menu. There's a reason why some of these Dairy Queen secret menu items are even more popular than regular Dairy Queen orders - it makes you feel like part of an exclusive club. A club of people who know how to order the best food at each and every restaurant.

So, what's on the Dairy Queen secret menu? The best items on the DQ Secret Menu are the blizzards and desserts. Even though a lot of the Blizzards get retired from the regular menu, it doesn't mean that they stop being able to make them. That's what's so great about HackTheMenu's secret menus, we let you know what can still be ordered: Blizzards like the Banana Split, Chocolate Chip, Coffee and the Midnight Truffle. Besides those and many more, you can get a frozen hot chocolate at many locations as well as adding marshmallow creme to any dessert. Scroll down if you want to see pictures of all the Dairy Queen secret menu drinks!

The Complete List Of Dairy Queen Secret Menu Hacks

Banana Split Blizzard | Dairy Queen
All the Banana Split Fixin's swirled into a Blizzard
Availability: Most Locations

Chocolate Chip Blizzard | Dairy Queen
Extra Chocolate Chips in a Vanilla Blizzard
Availability: Most Locations

Coffee Blizzard | Dairy Queen
Extra Coffee Syrup in a Vanilla or OREO Blizzard
Availability: Most Locations

Frozen Hot Chocolate | Dairy Queen
Hot Chocolate cooled down with Ice blended in
Availability: Most Locations

Marshmallow Creme | Dairy Queen
Extra Marshmallow Creme in any Frozen Treat
Availability: Most Locations

Midnight Truffle Blizzard | Dairy Queen
Dark Cocoa Fudge & Truffle Bits in a Vanilla Blizzard
Availability: Most Locations

Peanut Buster Parfait | Dairy Queen
A Sundae w/ Hot Fudge & Crunchy Peanuts
Availability: Most Locations

Any item on the Dairy Queen secret menu list is like a hidden gem because they make going to the restaurant kind of a treasure hunt, something only the people who know that there's a treasure can get. Now, everybody can be one of the cool kids who can order something so secretive.

How do you order off the Dairy Queen Secret Menu? It's pretty simple, really. Most of the time you can order an item by name and the employees will know the recipe. If they don't, we supply you with all the information needed on how to order the secret menu item, like the directions on how to order and the recipe for the specific secret menu item!