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Sonic Dr. Pepper Orgasm

Dr. Pepper Orgasm | Sonic Secret Menu

Sonic Dr. Pepper Orgasm

Sonic Dr. Pepper Orgasm

The "Dr Pepper Orgasm" from the Sonic "secret menu" is one of their many delicious drink concoctions that you have got to get your hands on. The Dr. Pepper Orgasm may sound dirty, but it's not. It's a refreshing mix of Dr Pepper, lemonade, and Powerade. And like other items on this list, Sonic always has the ingredients on hand to mix up this secret drink so just ask for the Dr Pepper Orgasm.

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How to Order

Ask for a mix of Dr. Pepper with a touch of Lemonade, & Powerade. Or if you are comfortable enough, you can try to ask for it by its code name - Dr. Pepper Orgasm.

What’s The Secret?

Mix of Dr. Pepper, Lemonade, & Powerade

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