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Arby's Double Stacked Reuben

Double Stacked Reuben | Arby's Secret Menu

Arby's Double Stacked Reuben

Arby's Double Stacked Reuben

Ordering the Double Stacked Reuben at Arby's means that you love your protein and want lots of it. An Arbys Double Stacked Reuben, which is served seasonally as long as Reubens are on the regular menu, means that they will serve you any Reuben that you order with twice the meat on the sandwich. So, instead of just 3.5 ounces of meat like they put on their regular sandwiches, they put 7 ounces of meat into the Double Stacked. An Arbys Double Stacked Reuben comes loaded with double the amount of corned beef that is used in their regular reubens. Or, to really mix things up, you can even order your Double Stacked at Arbys with half corned beef and half turkey! Just one of the interesting items that you'll find only on the Arbys Secret Menu which doesn't appear on the Arbys regular menu.

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How to Order

Ask for a Reuben with double the meat of your choice. You can even get half turkey, half corned beef!

What’s The Secret?

A Reuben with twice the amount of meat, 7oz instead of 3.5oz.

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