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Arby's Free Extras

Free Extras | Arby's Secret Menu

Arby's Free Extras

Arby's Free Extras

Did you know that Arby's has many extra items that you can add to any sandwich for free at most locations (some items may cost extra at some locations)? Arbys carries many sauces, they have their regular sauce and their horsey sauce out there for everyone to grab. But, there's more behing the counter. That's right - there are secret sauces that you can add to your Arbys sandwich just for the asking. Add some Arbys Red ranch, a side of au-jus sauce, or any other sauce that Arby's carries for any regular menu item to add the flavor you're craving and make your sandwich your own. Any Arbys sauce, with the exception of Cheese sauce, can be added to any sandwich without an added charge, so add a sauce for free! If you want cheese sauce, they will add that too but there will be an added charge. The secrets out. So, go ahead and sauce it up at Arbys.

Another secret that is unkown to the general public is that you can switch the bread used on any sandwich for any other bread that they carry at Arby's. They call this the Bread Switch. Switching it up not only creates new and fun combinations, but it's free of charge! So, go ahead and order that Arbys Classic Roast Beef on an onion roll, or maybe try it on rye bread. That's right, any bread in the store is yours for the asking at Arby's. But only if you know the secret.

Have your ever heard of Arby's Onion Tanglers? These are tiny fried onion ring strips that are both tasty and crunchy. And guess what? They can be added to any Arby's sandwich... for free!! So, if there's a sandwich on the Arby's Secret Menu that you think would taste better with the crunchy onion tanglers then just ask politely for them to be added to your sandwich. If you're an onion lover, how awesome is that? We think it's pretty awesome, so awesome in fact that it should be announced to rest of the world.

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How to Order

Ask politely to switch out for your favorite bread or add any Arby's sauce or onion tanglers to your sandwich.

What’s The Secret?

Add onion tanglers, any Arby's sauce, or swap out any bread for free on your sandwich.

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