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burger-king-menu [dropcap style=”book”]B[/dropcap]urger King is a fast food restaurant chain visited by more than 11 million guests daily all over the world. Burger King was founded in 1954, and is the second largest fast food hamburger chain worldwide. It is known as the HOME OF THE WHOPPER®, a large burger with plenty of juicy toppings. Although the Whopper is their most popular menu item and defines their brand, they do vary their menu from time to time and try out new recipes. They also have various special offers and change their menu more often than most other fast food chains. But, the Whopper has always remained a staple on their regular menu. Check out their secret menu for items not found on the regular menu. So, if you want to try something new and be a special secret guest at Burger King then check out all they have to offer on their “secret menu”.

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