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Chipotle Fresh Cilantro

Fresh Cilantro | Chipotle Secret Menu

Chipotle Fresh Cilantro

Chipotle Fresh Cilantro

The Chipotle Fresh Cilantro option is one great free extra that you can request from the Chipotle "secret menu". Chipotle doesn't advertise this option very well, but Fresh Cilantro can be added to any order FREE OF CHARGE. Tossing a bit of this fresh herb onto your Chipotle order adds a little zip of both flavor and color to whatever you've ordered. So, if you like the extra kick of cilantro in your food, make sure to ask your server to put add an extra pinch of cilantro to your plate! In our opinion, Fresh Cilantro is worth asking for. You won't see fresh cilantro on the serving table at Chipotle, they're keeping it hidden just for your order - after all, that's what the Chipotle Secret Menu is all about!

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How to Order

Simply ask for "Fresh Cilantro", complimentary of the Chipotle Secret Menu

What’s The Secret?

Fresh Cilantro can be added to any item

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