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Chipotle Nachos

Nachos | Chipotle Secret Menu

Chipotle Nachos

Chipotle Nachos

The Chipotle Nachos secret menu option is one of the most famous Chipotle "secret menu" items. Chipotle doesn't advertise this option, but Nachos are one item that can be made to order at their restaurant chain. So, if you desire a bowl of fresh Chipotle tortilla chips covered in all of the cheese, beans, meat, vegetables, and whichever salsas your heart desires, then don't be afraid to order Chipotle's Nachos from the Chipotle secret menu! In our opinion, Nachos are great for sharing and satisfy all your cravings.

Chipotle Secret Menu

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How to Order

Order a Burrito Bowl and ask for chips instead of Rice at the bottom! Then enjoy your Chipotle "Nachos"

What’s The Secret?

Chips covered in cheese, beans, meat, and salsa

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