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Chipotle Single Taco

Single Taco | Chipotle Secret Menu

Chipotle Single Taco

Chipotle Single Taco

The Chipotle Single Taco order is one of the Chipotle "secret menu" items that used to only be available for kids. Now, Chipotle offers this Single Taco to the adults who aren't hungry enough to eat 3 tacos. You can order a Single Taco off the Chipotle secret menu that comes with any of the regular taco fillings, so go ahead and order yourself a Single Taco if that's all you want! In our opinion, Chipotle's Single Taco is great for those of us who just want a taste of Chipotle without stuffing our faces.

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How to Order

Simply ask for a "Single Taco" when they ask what you want. Add whichever toppings you like from there to make your Chipotle secret menu taco special!

What’s The Secret?

One taco instead of three

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