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The History of Five Guys

Five Guys has been a Washington, DC area favorite since 1986 when Jerry and Janie Murrell offered sage advice to their four young sons: "Start a business or go to college." The business route won and the Murrell family opened a carry-out burger joint in Arlington, Virginia.

Under the guidance of Jerry and Janie, the Murrell family served only hand-formed burgers cooked to perfection on a grill along with fresh-cut fries cooked in pure peanut oil. The little burger joint quickly developed a cult-like following. Press paid attention. Customers voted the burger "#1" in the metro area.

During the 1980's and 1990's the Murrell family perfected their simple system. Five Guys was The Place to get a fresh, juicy burger with all the toppings you could stuff between fresh-baked buns. A fifth brother was born and, as their family grew, so did their business. Four more restaurants with sit-down seating were added to accommodate the growing clientele.

Early in 2003 Jerry and Janie, together with the five "guys" began offering franchise opportunities. In just under 18 months, Five Guys Enterprises sold options for over 300 units. The overwhelming success of franchising a local restaurant made national news with articles in trade publications such as Nation's Restaurant News, Restaurant Business Magazine, and the Franchise Times.

Now, over 20 years after Five Guys first opened, there are over 1,000 locations nationwide and over 1500 units in development. Five Guys continues to receive media attention and has grown a cult-like following around the world.

Where Can I Find Five Guys Locations?

The original Five Guys location is in Arlington, VA.

From 1986 - 2001 Five Guys opens five locations around the DC metro-area and perfected their business of making burgers…and starts to build a cult-like following.

In 2002 Five Guys decides DC metro-area residents shouldn't be the only ones to experience their burgers and start to franchise in Virginia and Maryland. Franchise territory sells out in 18 months, so the rest of the U.S. is opened for franchise rights.

From 2003 to present Five Guys expands to over 1,000 locations in 47 states and 6 Canadian provinces.

What Does Five Guys Sell?

There are over 250,000 possible combinations of ways to order a burger at Five Guys! They use only fresh ground beef. There are no freezers in Five Guys locations, just coolers. Nothing is ever frozen. They use only Peanut oil for frying and peanuts are stacked by the tables for their customers.

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