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Healthy Secret Menu Options
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Healthy Secret Menu Options | #HackTheMenu

Welcome to the HackTheMenu's List of Healthy Secret Menu Options. Here you will find the ultimate collection of calorie-saving, diet friendly, or generally healthier options compared to your regular restaurant menu items. We provide you with the menu and recipes to order these secret healthier options. From replacing nacho cheese with guacamole, like the Taco Bell Incredible Hulk Burrito, to ordering burgers that swap out the carb-heavy buns with crisp lettuce, aka the In-N-Out Protein Style Burger.

Our goal is to put the power of the menu back in your hands and give you the option to order what you want to eat. No longer restricted by calorie-rich items that some love, we give you the option to tone it down. Check the healthier secret menu options below to start saving today! Now, if you aren't concerned with finding healthier options, then you should check out our home page to see all of the Secret Menus. You might find something that grabs your attention on the secret menu at your favorite restaurant. And while you're here, you can even check out the Regular Menu Prices of some of the most popular restaurant chains.

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