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In-N-Out Add Chopped Chilis

Add Chopped Chilis | In-N-Out Secret Menu

In-N-Out Add Chopped Chilis

In-N-Out Add Chopped Chilis

We would be willing to bet that most of the average In-N-Out goers don't know about the deliciously spicy yellow peppers that In-N-Out offers. They are just another one of the free toppings that In-N-Out so graciously offers its patrons. At some locations, they offer them up in little packets that can be grabbed near the ketchup station; however, most locations keep the packets in a fridge behind the counter.

What others don't know is that you can order chopped chilis directly on your burger. This is beneficial in two ways. First, you don't have to unwrap your perfectly packed burger and second, you aren't chomping down onto an entire chili "bomb" that's gonna explode when you chew it. The yellow chili peppers aren't that spicy, although some can be. They do add another layer of flavor to the burger and enhance it with their vinegar hit and spicy afterburn. It's something that should be mandatory for all spice lovers, and an option that should be explored by those who aren't. Try it out on the famous Animal Style Burger!

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How to Order

When giving your order, just include "chopped chilis" to your list of toppings. Simple as that.

What’s The Secret?

Spice up your burger with slices of their hot little yellow chilis/chilies!

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