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Jamba Juice Now & Later

Now & Later | Jamba Juice Secret Menu

Jamba Juice Now & Later

Jamba Juice Now & Later

There are some pretty cool smoothies on the Jamba Juice secret menu meant to make you feel all nostalgic. One of those smoothies is the Jamba Juice "Now & Later" Smoothie. Who remembers being a kid and biting into one of those rock hard Now & Laters, and working to soften it into delicious candy through extreme amounts of chewing. Well, with the Now and Later Smoothie at Jamba Juice, you don't have to wear out your jaw to get a taste of that amazing candy flavor. Hopefully your local Jamba Juice can make you one of these yummy smoothies.

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How to Order

Ask if they know how to make the Now & Later Smoothie. If not, then you may be out of luck with this one :(

What’s The Secret?

This very popular Jamba Juice Secret Menu Smoothie is made to mimic the classic Now & Later Candy

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