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KFC Triple Down

Triple Down | KFC Secret Menu

KFC Triple Down

KFC Triple Down

Remember when KFC was in the news for a while when they released the infamous "Double Down", and now you can go one step further and order a KFC Triple Down. A KFC Triple Down is a sandwich that has three pieces of their famous fried chicken, bacon, & cheese... and no bun. So, if the KFC Double Down isn't enough to satisfy your fried chicken craving, you can make it even bigger if you know the secret. Order a "KFC Triple Down". Not too many people are willing to try something this big, but don't be afraid to ask them for this behemoth if you're really hungry. Add an extra fried chicken piece, more bacon, more cheese and you've got yourself a KFC Triple Down. And, you can always get it made with Grilled Chicken if you don't want all of that breading.

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How to Order

Ask for a "Triple Down" from the KFC Secret Menu. If the staff hasn't heard of this beast yet, you can inform them that it is the triple-decker version of the tasty Double Down.

What’s The Secret?

A Double Down with an Extra Layer of Chicken, Bacon, & Cheese

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