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Shake Shack Beer Float

Beer Float | Shake Shack Secret Menu

Shake Shack Beer Float

Shake Shack Beer Float

You can find this crazy concoction in Sin City. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be allowed to get it elsewhere. The only question is do you really want to? Las Vegas is a magical city, and most things that happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas. But this may be an exception to the rule for those of you who have sweet tooth craving when you're out drinking but want to maintain your buzz AND you're near a Shake Shack. If you happen to fall into this sub--sub-subcategory of people, then have we got the surprise for you. It's called the Beer Float and it is a little ridiculous, but we'll let it slide. This is the adult version of of the Root Beer Float.

Kind of like how Beerios seems like a good idea to an enterprising adult, the Beer Float is another great invention that you have probably thought about but never tried. Well, now's your chance. We hear it's pretty good, although there have been mixed reviews, so try at your own risk. They serve it up with a dark beer in Las Vegas, so maybe that's the best way to go. Whatever you decide, comment below to let the #HackTheMenu community know how it turned out! And if they won't drop the scoop of frozen custard directly into your beer, just order both the ice cream and beer separately.

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How to Order

Order a beer and ask for a scoop of vanilla (or any) custard to be added right in.

What’s The Secret?

A scoop of Frozen Custard in the beer of your choosing.

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