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Shake Shack Quad Burger

Quad Burger | Shake Shack Secret Menu

Shake Shack Quad Burger

Shake Shack Quad Burger

The Shake Shack Quad Burger is just what you would expect, 4 burger patties. And it's akin to the Monster Mac or In-N-Out's 4 x 4. All of these burgers are for people who want to push their limits on how much meat they can eat in a single sitting. We find that burgers like this are something that shouldn't be attempted by the average person. It's just way more food than any normal person can handle in one sitting. It's more about seeing if it's something that you can conquer than actually finding the best burger. If that sounds interesting to you, then go ahead and order this behemoth. You may or may not regret that decision. Either way, we prefer flavor and suggest you check out the Peanuter Butter and Bacon ShackBurger before you leave here. And don't forget to let everyone else know if you were able to conquer this beast.

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How to Order

Order your burger with FOUR burger patties. May we suggest the SmokeShack Quad?

What’s The Secret?

Four burger patties on any of their custom burgers.

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