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Shake Shack Shandy

Shandy | Shake Shack Secret Menu

Shake Shack Shandy

Shake Shack Shandy

Like the Arnold Palmer, also known as the Fifty/Fifty at Shake Shack, the Shandy mixes Lemonade with another beverage. The main difference is that the Shandy takes a more adult twist on the classic Lemonade/Iced Tea concoction. The Shandy combines one of their beers (of your choosing) with their Shack-made Lemonades. You can even put your own twist on it by choosing one of their flavored lemonades. And if you can't get them to mix up your drink, you can always order both a lemonade and your favorite beer. This can simplify your order as well as give you the flexibility of finding the perfect ratio of beer to lemonade. Let us know your favorite combinations and ratios below!

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How to Order

When ordering the beer of your choice, ask if they can fill part of the glass with lemonade to make a Shandy.

What’s The Secret?

Beer and Lemonade. Simple and surprisingly tasty.

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