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Subway Wing Effect

Wing Effect | Subway Secret Menu

Subway Wing Effect

Subway Wing Effect

When you're at Subway and you get the urge to see the meat hanging off the edge of your sandwich, flapping in the wind, then you will want to ask for the "Wing Effect". Subway usually tucks in the meat when they make a sandwich, so they'll leave the meat hanging off the sides for you to nibble away at. The Wing Effect is a Subway secret menu trick that is for the extremely particular sandwich connoisseur, or the weirdos, whichever way you choose to look at the situation. But don't let us stop you from enjoying your sandwich the way you personally like it. If you enjoy seeing the insides of your sandwich hanging over the edge then go ahead and order your sub with the Wing Effect!

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How to Order

Ask your Subway sandwich artist to leave the bologna hanging off the edge of sub.

What’s The Secret?

Bologna hanging off the side edge of the sub

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