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"To craft the finest qualities of food and drinks for our customers."

The History of Tapioca Express

Tapioca Express was founded in 1999, in Alhambra, California. Shortly after, they began to expand in California from the San Francisco bay area to San Diego. In 2008, they opened up their first location on a college campus at the University of California, San Diego. As of 2016, they have franchises in California, Washington, and Nevada.

Where Can I Find Tapioca Express Locations?

Baskin Robbins relies on people to open franchises in order to expand. A few locations closed down due to the market crash in 2008, so there are currently only locations in California, Nevada, and Washington.

What Does Tapioca Express Sell?

Tapioca Express is most famous for its popular boba pearl drink. They have created over 100 unique drinks, which include teas, juices, coffees, milk teas, snow bubble drinks, and yogurt frosts. As for food items, they serve fried chicken, tempura items, calamari, squid balls, pork chops, pot stickers, french fries, and other Taiwanese snacks. You can get some items served as combo meals with a side of rice and salad.

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