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Whataburger Chicken & Pancakes

Chicken & Pancakes | Whataburger Secret Menu

Whataburger Chicken & Pancakes

Whataburger Chicken & Pancakes

Heard of Chicken and Waffles? The masterminds that come up with these combinations are true pioneers in a world of food that needs an update. That's what we specialize in here at #HackTheMenu, creating and sharing new creations and innovations in the fast food and restaurant world. Well, here's another one of those creations, or improvisations, if you will. Chicken and Pancakes is an invention born from necessity. Since Whataburger doesn't have waffles, they needed a way to recreate the famous chicken and waffles dish. When you eat chicken and pancakes, the crunch comes from the freshly fried chicken while the pancakes add a chewy textural juxtapostion that will leave you wanting more. And you better not forget to top it all off with some of their perfectly sweet syrup!

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How to Order

Order a side of pancakes and chicken strips. Drench in syrup and enjoy!

What’s The Secret?

Pancakes and Chicken strips drenched in good ol' syrup.

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