Arby's Snack 'n Save Menu Prices
Arby's Menu Prices

Arby's Snack 'n Save Menu Prices is a list of smaller sized (they call them "junior") sandwiches and many side items to accompany their sandwiches. You may have already heard about their spicy Curly Fries, available on this sides menu. Some items overlap on the Arby's menus, for instance milkshakes are listed on this menu and also on the beverages menu. Furthermore, Arby's probably combines their snacks menu with their shakes menu because of items like their milkshakes which truly are a cross between a food and a drink. Gotta love the Jamocha shake, whether you're using it for hydration or a sweet ending.

As always, if you can't find something that appeals in the Arby's menu prices then be sure to check out their secret menu.

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Arby's Snack 'n Save Menu Prices

  • Item
  • 2 Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  • Apple Sauce
  • Apple, Cherry, or Chocolate Turnover
  • Jr. Bacon Cheddar
  • Jr. Ham & Cheddar
  • Jr. Roast Beef
  • Jr. Shake
  • Large Curly Fries
  • Medium Curly Fries
  • Medium Shake
  • Mighty Minis
  • Molten Lava Cake
  • Small Curly Fries
  • Small Shake
  • Snack Curly Fries
  • Value Drink