Flying Dutchman Burger - Whole Grilled Onion Wrap
In-N-Out Secret Menu

Did you know that this isn't the original In-N-Out Flying Dutchman?

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A In-N-Out Secret Menu Hack

Tired of the same old burger routine? Craving a taste adventure that'll make your taste buds do the cha-cha? Well, hold onto your hats, folks, because I've got the inside scoop on a secret menu hack at In-N-Out that's about to rock your world faster than Starbucks' quadruple shot of espresso!

Introducing In N Out's Whole Grilled Onion Wrapped Flying Dutchman – the clandestine creation that's sending shockwaves through social media. Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy, flavor-packed patty, hugged by two perfectly sliced layers of whole grilled onions that act as the sweet and juicy "bun". So sweet, in fact, that it's practically whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Now, hold that thought and imagine sprinkling it with chopped chiliswhole grilled onions, grilled to caramelized perfection hugging the heck out of some spicy chilis. A little sweet heat never hurt anyone. Are you drooling yet? Because I sure am!

Let's talk about flavor, shall we? These onions aren't just a garnish; they're the co-stars of the show. Each bite is a symphony of savory sweetness, a tantalizing tango of textures that'll have you doing the happy dance in your seat. And don't even get me started on the aroma of grilled onions – it's like a siren song calling you to Flying Dutchman's paradise.

Now, I know what you're thinking – "But is it worth the hype?" My friend, let me tell you, it's worth every single ounce of hype and then some. It's like finding a golden ticket in your burger wrapper, a delicious secret whispered from one burger lover to another.

And hey, if you're feeling extra daring, why not add a splash of secret sauce? The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. So, gather your squad, hop in the car, and head to In-N-Out for a taste sensation that'll have you coming back for more.

The Whole Grilled Onion Flying Dutchman secret menu hack at In-N-Out is a game-changer. It's bold, it's flavorful, and it's guaranteed to make your taste buds do a happy dance. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and conquer the In-N-Out Secret Menu – your burger destiny awaits!

What Is The Flying Dutchman Burger - Whole Grilled Onion Wrap Secret?

I suppose this is kind of a hack on top of a secret menu hack. It's the Flying Dutchman (two slices of cheese melted between two hamburger patties) that is tucked in between two layers of whole grilled onions.

How Much Does The Flying Dutchman Burger - Whole Grilled Onion Wrap Cost?

This will be roughly $0.65 cheaper than the price of the In-N-Out Double Double. Check out all of the In N Out Menu Prices, if you so desire.

How Do I Order The Flying Dutchman Burger - Whole Grilled Onion Wrap?

Simply ask for a "Flying Dutchman, whole grilled wrap". That'll unlock the secret for you and your taste buds. It will get written on your receipt as "Flying Dutchman + WhGr Wrap".

Where Can I Order The Flying Dutchman Burger - Whole Grilled Onion Wrap?

The Flying Dutchman Burger - Whole Grilled Onion Wrap is available in:

All locations

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