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Burger King BK BLT

BK BLT | Burger King Secret Menu

Burger King BK BLT

Burger King BK BLT

The Burger King BLT burger is one of Burger King's most famous "secret menu" items for those looking for a twist on a classic meal. The BK BLT Burger is simply a Whopper or Whopper Junior topped with delicious bacon. How delicious does that sound? So, if you are tired of the basic Whopper, try a BK BLT burger from the secret menu. In our opinion, the BK BLT burger is a nice little meal that gives a lively twist on the classic bacon, lettuce, & tomato sandwich. When ordering, don't forget to grab a drink with your BK BLT to wash it down!

Burger King Secret Menu

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How to Order

Ask for extra Bacon to be added to your Whopper or Whopper Jr.

What’s The Secret?

Classic BLT Toppings added to a Whopper or Whopper Jr.

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