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Burger King BK Club

BK Club | Burger King Secret Menu

Burger King BK Club

Burger King BK Club

The Burger King "BK Club" from the BK secret menu when a Chicken Sandwich is too plain for your tastes. Hidden on the Burger King secret menu is this BK Club sandwich that is made to imitate a chicken club sandwich. As you can probably imagine, this BK secret menu item is the deliciously crispy chicken sandwich topped with mouth-watering bacon, tomato, and cheese. Can't wait to try it yet? Hitch a ride over to your closest Burger King and grab the BK Club off their secret menu. Treat yourself to a BK Club and just sit back and enjoy this delicious masterpiece. The Burger King Secret Menu may not be as well known as others, but it sure has some delicious creations!

Burger King Secret Menu

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How to Order

Simply ask for an Original Chicken Sandwich with added bacon, tomato, & cheese. Now you've got yourself the famous BK Club!

What’s The Secret?

Extra Bacon, Tomato, & Cheese on a Chicken Sandwich

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