Chevys Fresh Mex Fresh Mex Combo Prices
Chevys Fresh Mex Menu Prices

The Fresh Mex Combo Menu Prices at Chevy's reflect the best of both worlds. You can have your enchiladas and a taco too, and even add a chili relleno to the plate if you've got a big appetite. Choose any of their listed entrées, choose what ingredients you want to fill those chosen items (usually you can choose anything from the enchiladas & quesadillas) and then choose how many of these items you will pile onto your huge plate of food. BTW, they also let you choose what kind of beans to add to your personally created fresh mex combo. Chevy's throws some rice onto your fresh Mex combo plate and you've soon got a full dish of food, all priced as one menu item!

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Chevys Fresh Mex Fresh Mex Combo Prices

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  • Build your own combo
  • Chevy Super Cinco
  • Jalisco
  • Laredo
  • Mar y Tierra