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Dairy Queen Coffee Blizzard

Coffee Blizzard | Dairy Queen Secret Menu

Dairy Queen Coffee Blizzard

Dairy Queen Coffee Blizzard

For those who are a fan of the Vanilla or Oreo Cookie Blizzard, then you may like it with a slight twist. Next time you place an order for one, ask them to make it with coffee syrup to make a delicious DQ Coffee Blizzard. Don't ask for coffee ice cream because they don't have it, but they do have coffee syrup which can be added to the vanilla and oreo mixture to create one delicious DQ Coffee Blizzard.

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How to Order

Ask if the DQ staff can add some extra Coffee Syrup to a Vanilla or OREO Cookie Blizzard.

What’s The Secret?

Extra Coffee Syrup in a Vanilla or OREO Blizzard

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