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Dairy Queen Marshmallow Creme

Marshmallow Creme | Dairy Queen Secret Menu

Dairy Queen Marshmallow Creme

Dairy Queen Marshmallow Creme

At Dairy Queen they have a DQ Marshmallow Creme Sundae that is secret, yet fabulous. The DQ marshmallow cream sundae is vanilla ice cream with marshmallow cream on top. Now this marshmallow creme is too good to be only available on only that one sundae. So what do you do? You ask them if they could add some of this delicious marshmallow creme to any frozen treat of your choice, of course!

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How to Order

Simply ask for "Marshmallow Creme" to be added to any of your favorite frozen treats at Dairy Queen

What’s The Secret?

Extra Marshmallow Creme in any Frozen Treat

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