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Five Guys Cheese Fries

Cheese Fries | Five Guys Secret Menu

Five Guys Cheese Fries

Five Guys Cheese Fries

Update: Unfortunately, the Cheese Fries is no longer available.

The "Cheese Fries" are reportedly on the Five Guys Secret Menu. Since the burgers at Five Guys are so customizable, there aren't many secret menu hacks out there for them. But when it comes to french fries, they have two kinds on the menu - five guys style or cajun style. Well, what if you wanted some cheese on your fries? You may be in luck! Five Guys Cheese Fries are reportedly on the secret menu at some locations. You may be one of the lucky few that get cheese fries, however, they aren't available at most locations. But if your Five Guys does in fact make them, then don't miss out on the cheesy goodness.

Five Guys Secret Menu

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The 2023 Five Guys Menu Prices.

How to Order

Ask for "Cheese Fries" from the secret menu.

What’s The Secret?

Cheese melted on top of 5 Guys Fries

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