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KFC Add Bacon

Add Bacon | KFC Secret Menu

KFC Add Bacon

KFC Add Bacon

When at KFC, you always have the option to "Add Bacon" to any entree item. This is the glory of the KFC secret menu, you can upgrade and customize a lot of the meals. If you want bacon added to your chicken sandwich, bowl, or any other regular menu item at KFC, just ask. The pricing and availability for this item can vary from location to location with the KFC chain, more than other secret menu items. KFC add bacon... Don't be afraid to ask for your bacon. Everyone loves bacon, it would be wrong to deny you any.

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The 2021 KFC Menu Prices.

How to Order

Ask for extra bacon on your entree when you place your order.

What’s The Secret?

Add Bacon to any Sandwich or Entree

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