A KFC Secret Menu Hack

We all know that KFC's Mashed Potatoes are top notch. But what makes the KFC Secret Menu extra special is that you can add mashed potatoes to any item on the menu. Just say "KFC Add Mashed Potatoes". No longer are the days where mashed potatoes sit on the sidelines. Next time add mashed potatoes onto a sandwich or any other entrée to bring a creative twist to your meal. Simply ask the staff to add mashed potatoes onto anything! Try them on top of your chicken patty or your chicken pot pie, if you love mashed potatoes you know they go with everything. Or you can order a side of mashed potatoes to share and then all load up your sandwiches! For that matter, know that you can always add a side item to your meal at any KFC. Another favorite among menu hackers is the KFC side of biscuits that you won't find on their regular menu.

What Is The Add Mashed Potatoes Secret?

Mashed Potatoes added on to anything!

How Do I Order The Add Mashed Potatoes?

When placing your order, ask for Mashed Potatoes to be added directly to your entrée.

Where Can I Order The Add Mashed Potatoes?

The Add Mashed Potatoes is available in: Most Locations

*Not all items shown are available or authorized at every restaurant. Price and participation may vary.

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