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KFC Build-Your-Own Bowl

Build-Your-Own Bowl | KFC Secret Menu

KFC Build-Your-Own Bowl

KFC Build-Your-Own Bowl

The KFC build-your-own bowl... Don't see a KFC bowl that pleases you? Thank goodness at KFC you can "build-your-own-bowl" off the secret menu! With the KFC Build-Your-Own-Bowl option you can certainly get creative. When constructing your KFC build-your-own-bowl, you can add virtually anything on KFC's menu right into a bowl for a one-of-a-kind very personal bowl. Try layering your bowl with french fries and covering with gravy, cheese and of course - mashed potatoes and fried chicken! This customization really makes the KFC build-your-own bowl a great option at the KFC fast food chain. This secret menu option isn't ready until you are.

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How to Order

Ask them if you can customize your own Bowl. If they let you, then just tell them what you want.

What’s The Secret?

Design your own dream KFC Bowl with all your favorite toppings!

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