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KFC Side of Biscuits

Side of Biscuits | KFC Secret Menu

KFC Side of Biscuits

KFC Side of Biscuits

When you stop at KFC and love the KFC buttery biscuits, you can always add them as a side item to your meal. Just ask for a KFC Side of Biscuits and they'll include 2 biscuits with your order. The price, like any other item, can vary by location but is a pretty nominal fee. Don't forget to ask for the butter and honey to make that side of biscuits seem really special. In fact, while we're talking about side orders, you can add any side to any entree that doesn't come with a side. So get out there and don't be afraid to order a KFC side of buiscuits or any other side with your KFC entree.

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How to Order

Ask for a "Side of Biscuits" from the KFC Secret Menu. You can actually order any of their sides as a side dish to complete your meal.

What’s The Secret?

Add a Side of Biscuits (or any other side) to your Entree

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